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Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull Review

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Reliability and stability are key factors to consider when investing your hard-earned money. Precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, have a proven track record of retaining their value, even during economic turmoil.

They serve as a dependable "safety net" for investors during global uncertainty. In this regard, Silver Gold Bull, a reputable precious metals dealer, can be invaluable in your journey toward investing in precious metals. Let's explore what makes Silver Gold Bull a reliable choice.

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  • Owner: Bobby Belandis
  • Rating: 4.8/5

About the Company

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull is an esteemed online sales platform providing precious metal enthusiasts with a seamless and secure shopping experience.

Whether you are a long-term investor or a newcomer to precious metals, Silver Gold Bull gives a user-friendly interface that enables you to browse and purchase a wide range of valuable assets effortlessly.

Buying from Silver Gold Bull is straightforward and akin to any other online shopping experience. Please select the items you desire and add them to your cart. When you are set, continue to the checkout page, where you will find various convenient payment options.

One notable aspect of Silver Gold Bull is its commitment to providing exceptional customer satisfaction. Over the years, they have garnered many satisfied clients entrusted with their financial futures.

By offering safer and less volatile precious metal assets, Silver Gold Bull empowers individuals to take control of their investments and secure their financial well-being.

To further enhance the customer experience, Silver Gold Bull offers a range of valuable features. High-security storage solutions ensure the safe keeping of your precious metals, providing peace of mind and protection against potential risks.

Additionally, the platform facilitates the establishment of retirement accounts (IRA), enabling customers to integrate their precious metal investments into their long-term financial planning.

At Silver Gold Bull, their dedication to delivering the best possible service shines through. They are deeply invested in their client's success and strive to assist them in maximizing the potential of their investments.

Main Features of Silver Gold Bull

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull stands out among online precious metals dealers due to its exceptional features that cater to the varying needs of its customers.

❑ Extensive Product Selection

Unlike many other retailers focusing solely on gold and silver, Silver Gold Bull offers a wide range of precious metals.

In addition to gold and silver, customers can choose from palladium, platinum, copper and even fine jewelry and collectibles like special-issue coins. This diverse selection allows investors to explore different options and diversify their portfolios.

❑ IRA Option

Silver Gold Bull allows customers to set up a retirement account for holding precious metal investments.

This IRA option enables individuals to incorporate precious metals into their long-term financial planning and enjoy the potential benefits of holding these assets over time.

❑ Live Market Pricing

Leveraging Xignite's renowned market data platform, Silver Gold Bull offers real-time pricing information for all its precious metals.

This ensures that customers have access to up-to-the-minute market rates, allowing them to make informed decisions and obtain fair pricing for their purchases.

❑ Price Match Guarantee

Silver Gold Bull is committed to providing customers with the best investment value. The company offers a price match guarantee if a customer finds a better deal elsewhere.

This ensures customers can confidently purchase, knowing they are getting the most competitive prices.

❑ Secure Storage Options

Recognizing that not everyone may prefer to store their precious metals at home, Silver Gold Bull offers secure storage solutions.

Customers can store their valuable assets in high-security facilities in five locations across Canada, the United States and Singapore.

These facilities are fully insured and audited, providing peace of mind for those who choose this storage option.

❑ Global Operations

Silver Gold Bull extends its services to investors in over twenty countries, catering to customers in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania. This global reach allows individuals from various regions to access and benefit from the company's offerings.

❑ Flexible Payment Options

Silver Gold Bull offers a range of payment methods, allowing customers to choose the option that suits them best.

Whether it's wire transfer, check or money order, eCheck, PayPal, BitPay or credit card, customers can select their preferred payment method, subject to applicable restrictions.

Product Offerings

Silver Gold Bull offers various precious metal products to cater to customers' preferences and investment goals. Here is an overview of their product offerings:

Gold Products

Silver Gold Bull provides a wide variety of gold products, including:

  • Gold bullion bars: Customers can choose from various gold bullion bars in different weights and designs. These bars are sourced from reputable mints like PAMP Suisse and Valcambi, ensuring high quality and purity.
  • Gold bullion coins: The company offers a selection of gold bullion coins from renowned mints worldwide. Examples include the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrand and more. These coins are highly sought after by investors and collectors due to their recognized purity and iconic designs.

Silver Products

Silver Gold Bull presents an extensive collection of silver products, including:

  • Silver bullion bars: Customers can select from various silver bullion bars in different weights, ranging from 1 ounce to 100 ounces. These bars are produced by respected mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint and Sunshine Mint, ensuring the highest quality standards.
  • Silver bullion coins: The company offers a diverse range of silver bullion coins from renowned mints worldwide. Examples include the American Silver Eagle, Silver Canadian Maple Leaf and Silver Chinese Panda. These coins are popular among investors and collectors for their silver content and artistic designs.

Other Precious Metals

Silver Gold Bull also deals in different precious metals, including:

  • Platinum: Customers can find platinum bars and coins from mints such as Valcambi and the Royal Canadian Mint. Platinum is valued for its rarity and serves as an alternative investment option.
  • Palladium: The company offers bars and coins from trusted sources like PAMP Suisse and the Royal Canadian Mint. Palladium has gained recognition as a precious metal investment due to its industrial applications and limited supply.
  • Rhodium: Silver Gold Bull provides rhodium bars sourced from Baird & Co. Rhodium is a rare and valuable metal used in various industries, including automotive and electronics.
  • Copper: Customers can explore copper bars and coins in various designs and sizes. Copper offers an affordable entry point for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with base metals.

Recycled Precious Metals

For environmentally-conscious investors, Silver Gold Bull offers recycled precious metals. These products are made from recycled materials, allowing investors to contribute to sustainability while preserving the value and beauty of precious metals.

Certified Coins and Collectibles

The company also features a selection of certified and graded coins and collectibles for numismatic enthusiasts. These coins have been professionally authenticated and graded by reputable grading agencies such as PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), ensuring their authenticity and condition.

Storage Options

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull understands the importance of secure storage for precious metal investments. To satisfy the customers' needs, they have established the Silver Gold Depository, a storage solution that prioritizes the safety and protection of precious metals.

When customers sign up for storage with Silver Gold Bull, they are offered the benefit of the first three months of storage free of charge, providing an opportunity to experience the storage service with added value.

The Silver Gold Depository offers several key features to ensure the security and integrity of customers' precious metals:

  • Professional reports: Regular monthly reports and reports after every deposit are provided to customers, informing them about their stored metals' status. These reports provide transparency and peace of mind.
  • Full insurance: The total value of the stored metals is insured by Lloyd's of London, one of the world's leading insurance providers. This insurance coverage safeguards the investment against potential risks and provides financial protection.
  • Brink's vaults with armed guards: The storage facility partners with Brink's, a trusted name in secure logistics and utilizes their vaults with advanced security measures. The facility is staffed with armed guards, ensuring physical protection against unauthorized access.
  • 24/7 surveillance: The storage facility is equipped with comprehensive round-the-clock surveillance systems. This continuous monitoring further enhances the security of the stored precious metals.
  • Individual containers: Each customer's metals are stored in separate containers, maintaining the separation and identity of their holdings. This segregation ensures that customers' metals are easily identifiable and helps prevent any potential commingling.
  • Allocated and segregated storage: Silver Gold Bull guarantees that every deposit made by customers is fully allocated and segregated. This means that 100 percent of each customer's precious metals are securely stored and accounted for in the vault. The issued and segregated storage approach assures customers that metals are specifically reserved for them, eliminating any concerns of co-mingling or shared ownership.


Silver Gold Bull ensures transparency and competitive pricing for their customers. They offer up-to-the-minute pricing based on market data provided by Xignite, ensuring that customers have access to real-time pricing information for their desired precious metal products. This permits customers to make informed decisions and stay updated on market fluctuations.

In addition, Silver Gold Bull provides a price match guarantee. Suppose a customer finds a better price for the same product elsewhere. In that case, the company is committed to matching or beating that price, ensuring customers receive the best possible value for their investments.

Regarding payment options, Silver Gold Bull offers various methods to accommodate different preferences and needs. Here is a breakdown of the payment options available, along with their respective restrictions:

  • Credit card: Customers can use their credit cards for payments, with a limit of up to $10,000 per transaction. This option provides convenience and allows customers to make secure online transactions.
  • PayPal: Silver Gold Bull accepts payments with a limit of up to $10,000 per transaction. PayPal offers a secure and widely recognized payment platform for customers who prefer this method.
  • BitPay: Customers can pay using BitPay, a popular cryptocurrency payment processor. Silver Gold Bull accepts BitPay payments with a higher limit of up to $250,000 per transaction, accommodating larger purchases and customers who prefer cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Check or money order: For customers who prefer traditional payment methods, Silver Gold Bull accepts payments via check or money order. This option has a limit of up to $25,000 per transaction.
  • eCheck: Customers can make payments using eCheck, an electronic version of a traditional paper check. The limit for eCheck payments is up to $5,000 per transaction.
  • Wire transfer: Silver Gold Bull facilitates payments through wire transfer, starting from a minimum transaction amount of $1,000. Wire transfers offer a secure and efficient way to transfer funds for larger purchases or international transactions.

Customer Support

Silver Gold Bull places great importance on providing exceptional customer support to its clients. They offer multiple avenues for customers to reach out and receive assistance promptly.

The company provides a dedicated phone number, which can be found on its website, allowing customers to contact their customer service department directly. This enables individuals to speak with a knowledgeable representative who can address their inquiries and provide personalized assistance.

In addition to phone support, Silver Gold Bull offers an email contact option. Customers can send their queries or concerns to the company's specialized business email address, which is also available on the website. The customer support team strives to respond to emails promptly, ensuring that customer inquiries are addressed promptly.

Silver Gold Bull provides a chat feature on their website for immediate assistance during business hours. This allows customers to engage in real-time conversations with customer service representatives, enabling quick resolution of any concerns or questions.

Silver Gold Bull maintains a blog on their website to further assist customers, providing valuable information and insights on precious metals investments, market trends and related topics.

This resource is a helpful reference for clients looking to expand their knowledge and make informed investment decisions.

Additionally, the company offers a comprehensive FAQ section on its website. This section addresses common queries and provides detailed answers to frequently asked questions regarding their services, products and processes.

Clients can conveniently access this resource to find answers to their inquiries without contacting customer support directly.

Silver Gold Bull Reputation

Silver Gold Bull Review

Silver Gold Bull has established a strong reputation in the precious metals industry, solidifying its position as a reputable and trusted dealer. With over a decade of experience since its founding in 2006, the company has garnered expertise and industry authority.

One of the key factors contributing to Silver Gold Bull's positive reputation is its impeccable online reputation. The company has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers, highlighting its exceptional customer service and overall organizational performance.

On Trustpilot, Silver Gold Bull boasts an impressive trust score of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on customer feedback.

This indicates a high level of trustworthiness and customer satisfaction. Similarly, on Google Reviews, the company has achieved an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, further attesting to its stellar reputation.

Silver Gold Bull has also garnered accolades from industry bodies and institutions. The company was awarded the title Canadian Bullion Dealer of the Year by the Bullion Directory in 2018, a prestigious recognition that signifies its standing as a respected and reliable precious metal dealer.

In addition to external recognition, Silver Gold Bull has received an outstanding five-star rating from several customer reviews on their website, highlighting their commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

Furthermore, the company has earned the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau, an online platform that assesses the credibility of businesses based on customer feedback.

This recognition underscores Silver Gold Bull's dedication to maintaining a solid reputation and providing a trustworthy platform for precious metal investments.

Pros of Silver Gold Bull

  • Live market pricing: Silver Gold Bull provides up-to-the-minute pricing based on market data, ensuring that customers receive fair and current prices for their precious metal investments.
  • Extensive product selection: The company offers a diverse range of precious metal products, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper. Customers have various options, including bullion bars and certified coins.
  • Various payment methods: Silver Gold Bull accepts multiple payment options, including credit card, PayPal, BitPay, check, eCheck, money order and wire transfer. This flexibility allows customers to choose the payment method that suits their preferences and convenience.
  • Full guarantee: The company offers a price match guarantee, ensuring customers receive the best possible price. If a customer finds a better price elsewhere, Silver Gold Bull will match it, providing peace of mind and confidence in their pricing.
  • Safe and secure storage: Silver Gold Bull provides storage options for customers who prefer to store their precious metals in a high-security facility. The storage facility is fully insured and audited and customers' metals are stored in individual containers for added security.
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies: Silver Gold Bull's acceptance of cryptocurrencies is a bonus for investors who prefer to use digital currencies for their transactions.
  • Excellent customer service: The company prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service. They offer assistance through various channels, including live chat, ensuring customers can easily reach out and receive prompt support.

Cons of Silver Gold Bull

  • No cancellations: Silver Gold Bull has a no-cancellation policy, meaning it cannot be canceled once an order is placed. Customers should carefully consider their purchases before placing an order.
  • Poor return policy: The company's return policy is reportedly not as favorable, which may inconvenience customers who wish to return or exchange their purchases.
  • Extra storage fees: While storage options are available, customers should know that additional fees may be associated with storing their precious metals in the company's facilities.
  • Limited operating hours: Silver Gold Bull's customer service availability may be limited during specific working hours, which could pose challenges for customers seeking immediate assistance outside these hours.
  • Shipping fees: Depending on the size of the order and the customer's location, shipping costs can be relatively high, potentially adding to the overall cost of the purchase.

What Exactly is a Gold IRA?

Silver Gold Bull Review

A Gold-Backed IRA, also known as a precious metals IRA, is a specialized retirement account that allows individuals to hold precious physical metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as part of their investment portfolio.

Unlike traditional retirement accounts that primarily consist of paper assets like stocks and bonds, a Gold-Backed IRA can diversify holdings by including tangible assets.

These IRAs are typically self-directed, giving investors more control and flexibility over their investment choices. The IRS has specific guidelines and approved lists of precious metals that can be held in these accounts.

Only IRS-approved bars or coins meeting certain purity and authenticity standards are eligible for storage within the IRA.

Gold is often used as a representative term for these accounts, but they can hold a range of precious metals. Investors are attracted to precious metals IRAs as they offer potential benefits, such as acting as a hedge against inflation and economic downturns and providing diversification in market volatility.

The precious metals in a Gold-Backed IRA must be stored securely to ensure compliance with IRS regulations. Some IRA trustees may have storage facilities, while others utilize third-party depositories specializing in precious metal storage. This ensures the proper custody and safekeeping of the physical assets within the IRA.

Final Thoughts

Silver Gold Bull emerges as a highly recommended platform for individuals interested in investing in precious metals. With its extensive product range, competitive pricing and user-friendly website, it caters to both experienced investors and beginners in the field.

The option to establish a Gold-Backed IRA and the availability of secure storage facilities further enhance its appeal as a platform for long-term investment in precious metals.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, such as limited customer service hours and shipping fees, the overall strengths of Silver Gold Bull overshadow these concerns.

The company's outstanding reputation, as reflected in its impressive TrustPilot score and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, solidifies its position as a reliable and trustworthy choice for those seeking to invest in precious metals.

If you are considering investing in gold, silver or other precious metals, Silver Gold Bull is a platform worth exploring. Its diverse range of products, competitive pricing and additional features make it an excellent option for diversifying your investment portfolio and acquiring tangible assets

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