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7K Metals Review

7K Metals Review

Disclaimer: Many or all of the companies listed here may provide compensation to us. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how companies appear below.

Are you currently searching for an escape from the daily grind or simply looking for a reprieve from a job that no longer brings you fulfillment? Companies like 7K Metals may catch your attention with their promises of investment opportunities and money-making strategies that could render long commutes, demanding bosses and unpleasant coworkers a thing of the past. However, it’s natural to wonder if such claims are too good to be true.

7K Metals, founded in 2016 by Roger Ball, Richard Hansen, Zach Davis and Josh Anderson, operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Its headquarters is located at 3640 S Yellowstone Highway in Idaho Falls.

The company positions itself as a platform that offers its members the benefits of discounted precious metals and the potential for recurring income through various levels of the MLM structure. By leveraging the MLM business model, 7K Metals aims to reach individuals interested in trading or purchasing precious metals, including coins, bars and bullion.

Finding the ideal investment and income opportunities requires careful consideration and effort. Our objective in this review is to provide you with comprehensive information about 7K Metals, shedding light on what they do, how they operate and whether they can help you achieve your goals of greater freedom and financial stability.

Before we delve further, let’s clarify the nature of multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) for those unfamiliar with the concept. MLMs involve individuals paying fees to become distributors and sell the company’s goods. While some MLMs yield satisfactory results, such as my nostalgic memories of my mom hosting Pampered Chef parties in the past, others may offer overpriced products of low quality.

Typically, the primary avenue for earning money in MLMs is recruiting customers and maintaining a consistent customer base. Success depends on whether the product is genuine and useful. If the product fails to meet expectations, losing customers and struggling to generate income becomes a real possibility. One of the main drawbacks of MLMs is their strain on personal relationships, as success often relies on tapping into one’s network.

However, it’s important to note that not all MLMs are inherently harmful. This means that understanding the MLM structure before committing to it is crucial. While many MLMs fall short of their promises, there are exceptions to the rule. This review will explore why 7K Metals stands out as a potential exception in the MLM landscape.

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About the Company

7K Metals Review

Established in 2016, 7K Metals is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company co-founded by Roger Ball, Zach Davis, Richard Hansen and Josh Anderson. Their headquarters is reportedly at 3640 S Yellowstone Highway in Idaho Falls, ID. The company offers its members access to affordable precious metals and the potential for multi-level revenue, often called a “business-in-a-box.”

7K Metals employs the MLM business model to target customers interested in buying and selling precious metals, including coins, bars and bullion. They aim to significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals worldwide by providing them with gold, silver and other precious metals as vehicles for achieving financial independence and accumulating substantial wealth.

One of the key advantages for members is the ability to purchase precious metals at the lowest prices available, as they are charged only the fair market value of these assets. 7K Metals sources these precious metals from reputable distributors worldwide, ensuring competitive pricing for their members.

Joining 7K Metals goes beyond simply investing money; it also involves investing your time, effort and reputation. By building a downline and earning residual commissions, members actively contribute to the growth of their business while capitalizing on the opportunities provided by the MLM structure.

How Does 7K Metals Work?

7K Metals Review

7K Metals operates through its website, which serves as a marketplace for buyers to acquire various forms of precious metals, including high-quality coins, rounds and bars. Customers can build precious metal portfolios encompassing bullion and numismatic objects, providing diverse investment choices within the precious metals market.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies every gold or silver purchase made through 7K Metals. This certificate verifies the purity, weight and country of origin of the precious metal, ensuring transparency and confidence in the product. Additionally, the company offers customers access to real-time market value tracking through its website, allowing them to stay informed about the value of their investments.

When clients decide to invest in a precious metal portfolio, 7K Metals works closely to tailor it to their needs and investment goals. Once the portfolio setup is complete, customers are directed to an e-commerce site to finalize their orders. 7K Metals provides a secure online payment option to ensure a safe and convenient transaction process for all orders.

In addition to retail sales, 7K Metals offers customers the option to store their precious metals in a secure and insured vault. This safe deposit box is located in a monitored and secure facility, providing customers with peace of mind knowing that their valuable metals are protected around the clock.

Furthermore, 7K Metals goes beyond sales and investments by providing its customers with valuable resources for making informed decisions in the precious metals market. The company offers educational materials and resources that cover various aspects of investing in precious metals, including insights into international markets, metals, coin collecting and other essential areas of study related to purchasing and storing precious metals.

Product Offerings

7K Metals Review

At 7K Metals, customers are presented with diverse options for precious metals investments. Whether you’re seeking gold or silver, something suits every preference and investment strategy.

For those interested in gold and silver bars, 7K Metals offers a comprehensive selection. These bars come in various sizes, weights and face values, allowing customers to choose the perfect fit for their investment goals. Whether you prefer smaller bars for more manageable investments or larger bars for substantial holdings, 7K Metals has you covered.

Gold and silver coins are also popular among investors and 7K Metals offers an extensive range of options in this category. The selection includes coins of various sizes and face values, allowing buyers to customize their investment portfolio according to their preferences. Whether you’re a collector or looking to diversify your holdings, the wide selection of gold and silver coins ensures something for everyone.

To help customers safely store and display their precious gold and silver coins, 7K Metals provides coin holders and boxes. These containers come in various sizes and materials, ensuring customers can find the perfect match to protect and showcase their valuable coins. Whether you’re a meticulous collector or want to keep your coins organized, 7K Metals has the appropriate coin holders and boxes for your needs.

In addition to investment-focused offerings, 7K Metals provides gold and silver jewelry. Customers can explore various jewelry pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. These jewelry pieces are stylish accessories and represent a tangible investment in gold and silver. Crafted from precious metals, With a diverse range of designs available, customers can find the ideal piece of jewelry that aligns with their personal style and investment preferences.

Membership Requirements

7K Metals Review

7K Metals provides a convenient platform for metal recyclers to connect with potential buyers for their scrap metal. Qualified recyclers can recycle aluminum, bronze, brass and stainless steel in exchange for payment. To become a registered member of 7K Metals, you will need a company license, a sales tax resale certificate and proof of insurance. Once you have met these requirements, you can create an account to sell products on the platform.

Becoming a 7K Metals member offers great monthly value with various benefits. Members enjoy unlimited access to free resources, a 20% discount on all purchases and a 10% rebate, all available for a low monthly membership price.

The members of 7K Metals are esteemed professionals in their respective fields. They offer unique services and high-quality goods. Being a member provides many benefits, such as assistance sourcing metals, various marketing materials and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.

Members can advertise their metal products and take advantage of trade discounts. However, members must adhere to the premium membership guidelines outlined on the site. These guidelines include:

  • Possessing a current and active business license.
  • Having at least 10% of their annual revenue derived from metal items.
  • Providing evidence of a healthy stock of working capital.
  • Committing to paying the membership fee.
  • Complying with all relevant international, national, state and municipal laws and regulations.
  • Placing a 50% deposit on all purchases.
  • Conducting business activities in an ethical and pristine manner.

Membership Fees

7K Metals is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that offers membership to individuals interested in accessing their products and services. The membership fees associated with 7K Metals consist of two components.

Members Fees

individuals must pay members’ fees to become and maintain an active 7K Metals MLM member. The specific fees may vary depending on the chosen membership level. These fees can be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

The basic membership fee is $25 per month or $249 per year. By paying this fee, members can access a range of benefits and resources provided by 7K Metals. These benefits often include discounts on products, access to exclusive members-only events and participation in promotional offers.

Alternatively, individuals can opt for the premium membership level, which costs $50 per month or $449 per year. The premium membership offers enhanced benefits and privileges compared to the basic membership, such as increased discounts and exclusive opportunities.

Travel Card Fees

7K Metals also offers a travel card that provides additional perks related to travel. To avail of these benefits, members must pay travel card fees. Like the members’ fees, the travel card fees can also be paid annually.

The basic travel card fee is $250 per year, while the premium travel card fee is $500 per year. By paying these fees, members gain access to various advantages related to travel. These advantages may include discounts on airfare, accommodations and other travel-related expenses. Additionally, members with the travel card may have access to exclusive travel deals and promotions.

It’s important to note that the membership and travel card fees are separate and can be paid independently. While the members’ fees cover the general access to 7K Metals’ products and services, the travel card fees are specifically associated with the benefits and discounts provided through the travel card program.

How Is 7k Metals Compensation Structured?

7K Metals Review

7K Metals utilizes a transparent binary compensation system to reward its members for growing their businesses. When you join 7K Metals, you will immediately start building two legs of your business, one on the right and one on the left. Your commissions will increase as your team expands and more people join under your leadership.

It is beneficial to recommend others to join the program to maximize your earnings. Doing so increases your chances of earning more money and unlocking additional privileges and benefits within the company. As your team grows and your revenues improve, you can establish a reliable passive income stream through 7K Metals.

In this compensation structure, your sales volume is the key factor in determining the number of points you earn. Here are some ways you can accumulate points:

  • Annual membership fee: When an affiliate or a new member they bring in pays the $250 annual fee, you earn 100 points.
  • Coin purchases: 7K Metals operates an automated system that promptly sends purchased coins to customers. For each coin purchase, you earn 25 points.
  • Commission from affiliate sales: You earn a commission when your affiliates sell. This allows your income from the sales to generate your team’s efforts.

One of two sales-based commission structures is available to you. Here’s how the weekly payouts work:

  • If both your left and right legs score 500 points each, you receive a $500 weekly payout.
  • If the total points reach 1,000 on both sides, you earn $1,000 every week.

It’s important to note that point totals between 500 and 1,000 are reset at the beginning of each week, allowing you to continually work towards reaching the higher thresholds.

To remain eligible for payouts, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Monthly points requirement: You must accumulate at least 25 points monthly to qualify for commissions and bonuses.
  • Monthly recruiting goal: Achieve a monthly goal of recruiting at least two new members, each contributing 25 points. By doing so, you will receive a 5% bonus for each successful addition.

By actively building your team, meeting the monthly requirements and maximizing your sales volume, you can unlock the full potential of the 7K Metals compensation structure and create a lucrative income stream while enjoying the benefits and opportunities offered by the company.

How Do You Earn?

While the MLM industry often involves higher product prices to accommodate commission payouts, 7K Metals aims to provide competitive prices that align with the market and direct sales alternatives.

It’s important to note that making a living solely from the sale of coins may not be viable due to the competitive pricing strategy followed by 7K Metals. Their focus on offering gold and silver coins at market lows ensures that the prices remain attractive to customers. This approach may limit the profit margins available for distributors to earn significant incomes solely from coin sales.

In addition to coins, 7K Metals offers other products, such as jewelry and branded items. However, it’s unlikely that the sales of these supplementary items alone would generate enough revenue to cover weekly payouts of four to five figures.

While selling products is integral to the 7K Metals MLM business model, the compensation structure primarily revolves around building a team and earning commissions based on your affiliates’ sales volume and performance. By actively recruiting and supporting a growing team, you can increase your earning potential through the binary compensation system.

It’s important to approach the 7K Metals opportunity with realistic expectations, understanding that while product sales contribute to your income, the focus is on team building and leveraging the compensation structure to earn commissions from the collective efforts of your team.

7K Metals Sound Money Wallet

7K Metals Review

This is a digital hub that operates similarly to mobile wallet apps. You can purchase and store gold and silver in fractional and full-ounce sizes within this wallet.

Please note that Sound Money quantities smaller than a complete coin cannot be sent but can be securely stored within your wallet. While digital wallets offer certain advantages, there are several benefits to keeping precious metals like gold and silver at home.

One major advantage is the peace of mind that comes from having someone else oversee the security of your belongings. The advantages of this arrangement far outweigh the potential downsides.

To initiate a transfer from your gold and silver holdings, cash, digital currency, or the initial funding account you set up, select the appropriate option from the “Transfer From” drop-down menu. Choose the recipient (which can be yourself) to send gold or silver from your Sound Money wallet and then click “Transfer to.” You also have the option to trade gold for silver or vice versa.

Once you’ve selected the sending and receiving accounts, enter the desired amount for the transfer. If you prefer to have your gold or silver shipped directly, please remember that you can only choose whole ounces for shipping.

You can purchase and transfer fractional ounces of gold and silver within the system. However, please note that only full ounces can be stored anytime.

It’s important to consider shipping, insurance and handling fees, particularly when sending a large sum from a distant country. Additionally, there are currently limitations. You can only digitally purchase and store Gold Eagle1/10-ounce coins and Silver Eagle 1-ounce coins.

AutoSave Program

7K Metals Review

The 7K Metals AutoSave Program is designed as a coin-of-the-month style subscription service. If you are considering this program, weigh the potential benefits of the weekly rewards and financial freedom it promises against the associated costs.

The program costs are higher than purchasing individual coins elsewhere. For example, a 1 oz Silver Eagle coin could be obtained from other retailers for significantly less, ranging between $35 and $40, whereas 7K Metals offers it at $105, marking a difference of around 66%.

The higher price at 7K Metals is primarily due to the commission structure, which allows your upline (those who recruited you into the program) to earn an additional $60 or $70 per month, depending on your specific monthly plan. As a participant in the AutoSave Program, you will also receive a percentage of the $60-$70 earned by each of the recruits you sponsor.

If you are primarily interested in purchasing coins at a fair price, 7K Metals can fulfill your needs. However, it’s important to note that the weekly commissions are only paid to AutoSave Program members. Remember that the program costs are not expensive and can even be considered an investment, offering certain tax benefits. However, if your current financial situation is tight, consider joining the program at a more opportune time.

Is Investing With 7K Metals Worthwhile?

The potential for earning money with 7K Metals is primarily based on the points you accumulate through selling their products. Each product sold will earn you 20 points; you must reach 500 points before compensation. However, the viability of this earning structure raises concerns.

The predetermined nature of this compensation plan raises doubts about its effectiveness. The MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) model has a reputation for making it difficult for many individuals to achieve financial success. Reports suggest that 70% to 100% of people involved in MLMs lose money.

Unfortunately, the company’s earnings of 7K Metals members remain undisclosed. The lack of transparency regarding the income potential raises further questions about the financial viability of this enterprise. Only a small number of individuals can make money through this venture.

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